The Zimmermans: Bob Dylan's imaginary family

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Pirate

The newspaper typesetter, gas station attendant and taxicab driver: community pillars

Where others see a sweeping panorama, Chef Charles sees a windswept sea that says sail me

O Canada from whence this beauty wandered smack down the center of the great divided highway

From a tin type called "The Pledge," early proof that promises and alcoholism don't mix

The spineless sought refuge in the monstery to no avail

The Vertebrae Invasion will long be remembered as the turning point in the end of history

Though the hobbled could sense their new masters would be stern, they sensed they might also be partiers

The tailbones thrust their coccyx at every kid in the parade zone looking for a hard piece of candy

She said she'd cut her own dick off to be queen of the EPA

Pushing tulips at the hands of a blind gunman

Nanofish are nanomechanical warships that can swim up to any destroyer and tag it for death

When the swingers of the 60s met the nymphs of the 19th century things heated up fast

Cemetery statues are all pondering sex


Ipaneman tide

Jet sky

She was discovered only hours too late


Ghost blimp

Disguised as clouds they came

It was more than a cigar store -- it's where the whole town came in to get goofy

Son of Sam

Hitler strikes a deal

Stalin experimented with crossbreeding man and ape. This is is son, Sean.

Proposed Reagan monument

The Kenny Boys

Rummy Rummy Rummy I got nub in my tummy

Rumsfeld liked what he saw.

Putin on the Ritz: He's been kissing toddler's stomachs lately. And now there are rumors he's killing off journalists and rivals.

O.J. shows how he would have done it if he'd done it.

His predecessors weren't buying it.

Here lies Ken Lay. He lied here too.

You don't hear much from Michael Anymoore.

Can't tell a joke, then chokes in defense of it.

When Tom "The Hammer" DeLay was booked he was surrounded by friends and kindred spirits.

When will this be explained?

U.S. General Karpinski, of Abu Ghraib, said "she knew nothing. Noth-think!"

When Bush lost touch with the voter, he was sucked into the vortex.

The Decider, deciding

Life on Mars

Why don't you go see who's at the door and I'll pet the goat?

Justice Clarence Thomas hears what he says.

Porter had a smile like a crescent moon above Kansas.


Statues without Limitations

At St. Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, statuary are encouraged to get regular exercise.


Knock knock


When every child had a pony

Reverend Thiel was a different man behind the wheel

A small pupil is a sign of life